Astraweb Terms of Service

Astraweb Terms of ServiceThe Astraweb Services provide access to usenet that allow users to learn, understand and explore a wide range of topics as diverse as the internet itself. The Astraweb Services are provided pursuant to this Terms of Service and the Acceptable Use Policy, and by registering and using the Astraweb Services, you agree to follow and be bound by this Terms of Service and the Acceptable Use Policy.

Who can use Astraweb:

  • You must be over the age of 18. Anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited from using the Astraweb Services.
  • You must only create one account and remain the sole user of this account. To ensure personal usage, accounts may only be logged in from a single location or IP address at any one time. Account sharing is forbidden.
  • You agree to not share your password and to protect your password at all times. You are not allowed to provide access or resell your account to others.
  • You are not allowed to use the Astraweb Services if we previously disabled your account for violations of our Terms of Service or polices.


We do not and we are unable to review information stored or passing through our system.

Customer understands that the Astraweb system is public and not private. Customer acknowledges that Astraweb does not review, monitor, endorse, screen, or approve postings and communications by users on our system. You are responsible for the content that you post.

Customer shall not use the system to post or transmit any illegal material, including without limitation any transmissions that would violate any copyright laws, privacy laws, or give rise to a criminal offense, civil offense, or otherwise violate any state, national or international law or regulation.


Do not violate copyright laws.

Customer agrees that posting copyright content is strictly prohibited. You agree not to violate copyright laws. Posting of copyright materials without permission of the copyright holder will be grounds for suspension of posting or termination of your account.

Astraweb may revise, amend, or modify this Agreement and any other user policies and agreements, at any time and in any manner without notice.


Astraweb service is pre-paid, refunds cannot be offered unless requested within 24 hours of sign-up by contacting Astraweb using the support form. Accounts terminated for violation of our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy will receive no refunds.

Measuring Account Usage:

Downloads will be measured in bytes and measured at the time the session ends. Your access may be suspended completely when the download limit of your account is reached, until the account is renewed on the regularly monthly renewal date, upgraded or recycled. Bytes downloaded beyond the account limit may be charged to the next period.

Depending on your plan purchased, you may be notified if you reach your download limit or you are nearing your download limit.

Billing and Renewals:

Unless specified otherwise, monthly accounts will renew automatically at the end of the anniversary period corresponding to the plan that you select when you purchase services. If you do not wish to renew your account, you must notify Astraweb immediately through our support email at

Support & Customer Communications:

You may contact us with support and billing questions by email. You must provide us with a valid email address. If you change your email address, please notify us immediately. We reserve the right to email you about changes to our service or issues related to your account.


Astraweb reserves the right to terminate or suspend services at any time and for any reason.


Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Astraweb, its officers, employees, shareholders and agents for any violation of the Terms of Service, the AUP, any cause of action related to Customer’s account or Customer’s use of the service. Furthermore, Customer agrees to hold Astraweb harmless for Customer’s actions, postings, statements, or other activity associated with Customer’s account. These actions, postings, statements or other activity could include, but are not limited to, defamation, libel, intentional infliction of emotional distress, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, theft of a trade secret, economic espionage, and transmission of pornographic material.

Changes to the Terms of Services:

Astraweb may make changes to these Terms from time to time. Any changes will be posted on this site. Customer has knowledge this Terms of Service and the AUP exist from the moment Customer registers for an account. It is Customer’s responsibility to review these Terms and our policies. Customer’s continued use of the Astraweb services will confirm acceptance of any modifications to the Terms of Service or the AUP.

Governing Law:

These Terms and your access to and use of our Services will be governed by and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of Iceland, without regard to conflict of law rules or principles (whether of Iceland or any other jurisdiction) that would cause the application of the laws of any other jurisdiction. Customer agrees that any dispute that arises out of or that is related to these Terms will be resolved exclusively in a court based in Reykjavik, Iceland.


If any portion of these Terms of Service or AUP are unenforceable, for any reason, such unenforceability shall not affect the remaining provisions of these agreements.


Customer may not assign its rights or obligations under these Terms of Service.


Should you have any questions, complaints or comments about our Terms and Conditions, please contact us by letter or e-mail at

Astraweb EHF

Borgartuni 26

Reykjavik 105 Iceland